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September 14, 2021

volution is not only a normal process of nature's development, but of any other industry. The first wheeled vehicles appeared in 4000-3000 years B.C.; now, we have the opportunity to use autonomously driven cars. These days, improvements in technology are becoming faster. It is already affecting related spheres and complicating some processes. So, many companies do not know how to hire automotive app developer and what criteria to pay attention to.

In this case, not having a strategy is a fatal pitfall for many firms, especially small ones or startups. Companies cannot recruit qualified specialists without understanding the industry, its specifics, and other vital points. You'll just be drifting along, finding the right path for years. Don't want to waste your time and budget? Well, next, I'll give you some instructions on how to hire auto app developer.

Niche experience is king in the automotive industry

The statement that automotive technology has become more complex is not an empty sound. Back in 2019, Deloitte published a piece on semiconductors. The white papers mentioned that semiconductors, electronic equipment, and software make up nearly half of a car's value. Each element used in constructing a vehicle is involved in a different task and is irreplaceable to the entire structure.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the collapse of the semiconductors in 2021 shows how important these tiny components are. The same is true in the production of cars and the development of applications and software for the industry.

In the U.S., there is a trend toward mobile car repair services. Initially, it was done so that customers could save time and money. Now, dealers are suffering from a shortage of qualified technicians and are forced to use innovative applications. The demand for software has boosted the demand for programmers with niche expertise.

Companies are having incredible challenges in finding programmers for part- and full-time jobs. The IT industry is already experiencing a deficit of experts due to the tremendous need for coders and other IT specialists. Colleges and universities cannot train qualified workers in time, creating problems, especially with few developers with niche experience. How to hire automotive app developer in an urgent shortage of top-notch employees? 

Some firms have to retrain people themselves. This solution at least slightly bridges the gap between supply and demand, making it possible to nurture specialists tailored to the particular company's work. However, more and more often, various projects seek help from third-party partners and extend the team with the help of niche-experienced automotive devs.

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How to hire automotive app developer in the current environment?

The automotive industry is a large area, and it eats up a big part of the total market revenue.  In the U.S. alone, automotive software development generates over 13 billion dollars in income. Nevertheless, this industry has to compete with other companies for talented programmers. That's why recruiting coders with niche experience in the automotive industry is proving to be a real conundrum for many firms.

What other difficulties do companies face when they follow instructions, how to hire auto app developer:

  • a high cost of recruiting and onboarding a specialist with relevant qualifications;
  • it isn't easy to keep the best experts in the job if they are not adequately developed and promoted;
  • an expert does not manage time well and does not know what a self-management is;
  • a coder does not format the source code, and their code is not flexible;
  • a developer doesn't know how to work in a team and doesn't listen to others' opinions.

There is no need to get frustrated with the time and preparation because the pressure on your team will increase every year. There are some practical tips to minimize the difficulties and find the right programmer for your team faster.

A quick guide on how to hire auto app developer

If you want to avoid losing a second in your search for the perfect employee, it's worth focusing only on core points. It will allow you to weed out those specialists who are not suitable for your company for one reason or another. It does not mean that they are poor professionals. Nowadays, it is not enough just to program; devs have to be 100% focused on automotive topics and have it in their DNA.

9 essential steps you should follow:

  1. Create a list of responsibilities for the new employee – you cannot skip this point under any circumstances. If you do not know what precisely the expert should do, it will complicate reviewing the resume and determining the relevant experience. 
  1. Choose a suitable model of work and duration of cooperation – nowadays, companies are not limited to only one option of searching for a qualified specialist. Earlier, you could only find a programmer in-house, but with the expansion of videotelephony and corporate applications, there are no limits for you.
  1. Determine the payment method and set the budget – if you have agreed on the option of working with a coder remotely, you need to choose a suitable method of payment. Fix cost is good for those who are just developing the product and do not have enough funding from outside. The main thing you should understand when thinking about how to hire automotive app developer – each method has its pros and cons.
  1. Pay attention only to the relevant experience in CVs – one of the essential rules, how to hire auto app developer, is to study the knowledge pertinent to the automotive industry. In today's reality, you can't recruit anyone. It won't work in the right direction, and onboarding a specialist will cost tens of thousands of dollars. 
  1. Have a look at the reviews of people who have worked with the specialist before – this way, you will understand how suitable the developer is for the position and evaluate the relevance of their experience. Ideally, if the employee provides employers' contacts or links to sites where there are reviews of his/her work.
The complexity of vehicle construction is growing, but it does not affect the productivity of the elements. Over the past 10 years, the ratio of complexity to productivity has received a noticeable gap. ADAS modules and systems responsible for multimedia are the most complex. Due to this, programmers have to work out the software better and consider possible problems in advance. It also affects how to hire automotive app developer.
  1. Find the person with the best balance of hard and soft skills – there is no single formula for you on how to hire auto app developer. You have to understand which skills are more critical for your product. For example, hard skills will be helpful for a position where a person will have to perform a lot of one-type and monotonous actions. A developer who asks many questions, who is not afraid to propose new solutions, and who adopts the experience of other colleagues will be much more valuable for a developing product.
  1. Give the specialist precise tasks and expectations – if you don't have enough technical knowledge, state the project's goals at the interview stage. When you're honest about what you want to achieve with the product, it's easier for the specialist to assess their potential. Besides, clear goals will discipline the programmer, helping them systematically develop the project.
  1. Interview the expert thoroughly – ask more specific questions, rather than general ones related to mastery of particular technologies. An expert might know React, Angular, JavaScript, or other tools but never apply them to automotive projects. That's why your CTO or Head of IT must ask the precise expert questions in the interview. They should not be about actual knowledge of frameworks and programming languages, but how these solutions have been applied to certain products.
Do you want to know how to hire automotive app developer for a product built with React? In our blog, we wrote about 5 challenges that companies face and how to solve them.
  1. Give the specialist a test task or discuss a test period with them – let's assume that the programmer has relevant experience, an excellent set of soft and hard skills. Is that all? Certainly not. Test the coder's capabilities at work. The easiest way is to give the specialist a test task. By its example, you will understand how accurately a person can deal with the code, its editing, and whether they can be creative in solving a task. In today's world, the coder needs to keep a flexible mind.

It would be best if you also took care of the copyright and security of the source code beforehand. The source code remains with the client when cooperating with an expert on the outsourcing or outstaffing model. With freelancers and in-house specialists, however, you should specify this point carefully.

How to hire auto app developer without effort?

To keep up with the constant changes in the market, car manufacturers' requirements, and users' demands, the software has to be constantly updated. Without programmers with niche experience and first-class expertise, it is impossible to achieve top-notch results.

TFC helps its clients extend the team with niche-experienced devs and knows how to hire automotive app developer. Our crew includes the best experts with technical backgrounds, experience with projects in this industry, and an incredible thirst for development. TFC takes the load off your team and gives your company the best front-end programmers. Book a call with us, or email

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