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he procedure of recruiting a talent specialist has recently become an even more exhausting task. Information technology is constantly evolving, so the list of criteria and skills for candidates is increasing. Before finding a truly competent coder, you have to conduct several rounds of testing. Below in this article, you will know how to hire Angular developer for automotive and what nuances to pay attention to.

How were coders hired before vs. how programmers are hired now

First, it should be mentioned that, in general, searching and hiring a developer for the automotive industry is similar to recruiting other pros. During it, company owners, CTOs, and those responsible for hiring tech staff will have to do all the same routine tasks.

What steps are the same for recruiting professionals in any field:

  • processing candidates' resumes;
  • pre-screening;
  • tech stack testing;
  • the final interview.

However, when looking for the perfect Angular specialist for a project in the automotive industry, you need to know a few more nuances. Sometimes even the most experienced recruiters, heads of IT, and other tech pros forget. Even if you think or really do it right, it's better to check yourself one more time, just in case.

What steps are added during the search for an automotive expert:

  • evaluating the specialist's understanding of trends in the vehicle market;
  • testing of relevant experience;
  • verifying knowledge of related technologies;
  • testing of basic needs knowledge for the industry;
  • soft skills testing;
  • testing of learning curiosity.

It is not a tiny list for an Angular programmer and even an expert working with other frameworks and languages. Unfortunately, despite the popularity of this tool and the constant development of the IT industry, it is not so easy to find a good candidate.

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Why is it so hard to find a programmer with niche experience?

  1. On average, the process of finding and signing a contract with a developer takes firms from one to several months. That's a long time. Moreover, not every company has the resources for this, and few can afford recruiters. Agencies take huge fees for the work and cannot always select a person with the tech stack needed for your automotive project.
  1. Although according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for software developers will grow by 22% over ten years, the country will still have a shortage of professionals in the IT field. In the U.S., there will be a noticeable lack of programmers and those engaged in information technology. The main reason is that the universities do not have time to graduate new experts, and former professionals are slowly retiring. Over time, firms will have to either retrain employees or use other tricks to cut the shortage.
  1. Companies spend a lot of time and effort to train prospective specialists in the technologies necessary for the automotive industry. For this reason, after growing such a programmer, they provide them with the most comfortable working environment. Firms don't benefit from such people moving on to other jobs, and you can hire Angular developer for automotive without a problem. Because of this, many pros work at one place for several years, moving up the career path. Usually, big companies take this difficult road. SMB (small and midsize businesses) rarely have the opportunity to improve their developer skills systematically. For this reason, there is no noticeable migration of experts, and every available expert in automotive with knowledge of Angular is worth his weight in gold.

Guidelines on how to hire Angular developer for the automotive

The collaborative model and pre-screening

It seems like a quite reasonable step, but not all firms follow through on it for some reason. Companies carefully analyze CVs, do the first interviews, but do not choose the future cooperation model. Nevertheless, this can significantly reduce the cost of Angular project development or make it easier to find a programmer for the product.

Messengers, video conferencing, time trackers, and apps for work (Slack, Notion, Trello, etc.) make communication at the workplace much more effortless. The 21st century is the perfect time to create projects with remote workers from everywhere in the world. 

If your product doesn't require you to be in the office and manufacturing 24/7, there's no sense in overpaying. Even an automotive giant like Ford has allowed its employees to work from home. This trend will likely continue, and more and more firms can reduce their costs solely by adapting to the new conditions.

Important: If you work with a remote Angular developer or hire someone on a freelance site, be aware of the time difference. Always clarify what time the specialist can work, what hours you have overlapping, and other details. It will allow you to schedule video calls, meetings, and appointments to plan your work week/month.

Skills and budget needed

Most of the time, in addition to Angular, a specialist needs to know many other technologies. Besides JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML, and CSS, they will have to work with the application program interface (API). Also, a qualified coder will need knowledge of related technologies such as Webpack or Node. 

What other skills do Angular experts typically possess:

  • understanding of the UX concept;
  • working with RESTful services;
  • SPA, XHR, and application development;
  • knowledge of Agile software development;
  • AJAX and JS DOM;
  • ability to test the product;
  • understanding of application/site lifecycle.

The more skills and knowledge an Angular developer has in the automotive industry, the higher his/her salary will be.

Important: If you have a limited development budget, you can collaborate with freelancers, but do not expect them to have exceptional skills in self-management or technology. Freelance sites have talented, responsible and experienced programmers, but there are just as many problems with such collaboration. The main benefit to your company will only be the reduced costs. Among the risks are that the person may disappear for no reason, have a low level of niche knowledge, or keep some of the source code.  

Relevant experiences

Experience showing up on a resume and having Angular and mastery of related technologies won't guarantee that you'll hire Angular developer for automotive. Even if you manage to find someone familiar with industry trends, it is essential to look at their relevant expertise. 

There are several trends on the market in the development of applications and products related to the IoT (Internet of Things) segment. 

The leading and most popular of them include:

  • V2I (Vehicle to Infrastructure);
  • V2X (Vehicle to Everything);
  • V2C (Vehicle to Cloud);
  • V2V (Vehicle to Vehicle);
  • V2P (Vehicle to Pedestrians).

It is hardly a complete list of what products can be created for the automotive industry. Each of them has its specific directions and trends, which directly influence the market and the rules of project development.

At the moment, there are 5 popular orientations of apps for the industry:

  • navigation software;
  • repair apps (this includes not only programs for car repair shops but also applications for 3D printing);
  • car auction platforms;
  • native apps from manufacturers;
  • applications to save drivers money (finding cheaper parking, reselling spare parts, selling cars, and so on).
Important: If possible, hire a developer who has already created a similar app or website to yours. Then their knowledge will be as relevant to your product as possible, or the specialist can understand tasks faster. Another advantage of hiring a coder with niche experience is that an employee might suggest more practical solutions or implement more complex code elements.

Test task or test period

No matter which collaboration model you choose to hire Angular developer for automotive on, make sure to discuss this option. An experienced professional knows that a test period or a test task is part of a successful working journey.

If a person suddenly refuses to demonstrate their skills or doesn't want to go through a test period, that's a reason to think twice. It is best to work with outstaffing companies, which often provides a free trial period. This way, both parties understand how suitable they are for each other and how unproblematic the cooperation will be.

How to hire Angular developer for automotive without difficulties?

If you don't want to spend months looking for the right coder or paying high recruiters fees, contact TFC for help. We will extend your team with our highly qualified niche-experienced devs. 

The automotive industry is one of our areas of expertise, so we already have a team of excellent specialists in this field. In the typical situation, you can hire a professional to your team for 1-4 months, but it will take less than a week with us. Moreover, you can not only hire Angular developer for automotive but also take a 7-day trial.

TFC knows how important harmony between team members is. During the risk-free trial, you will be able to evaluate your developer's tech stack, soft skills, and ability to adapt to new environments. We are sure that after cooperation with us, you won't need anyone else.

You can read our article to learn more about how experts with niche experience help you grow your business.  And if you need to discuss the details of your tech project, book a call with our Managing Partner, Victoria. Focus on business, and we'll help you hire Angular developer for automotive without any fuss.

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August 24, 2021

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