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avaScript is the most popular technology among professional developers. According to the Stack Overflow study, this programming language is used by 68,2% of the surveyed professionals. Since almost 60,000 people took part in the research, this figure is impressive. However, despite this solution being at the top, some things about it still remain unknown to certain people.

Based on what? Recently, the The Frontend Company team received an interesting question from a client. After discussing some details for developing a new project, our CEO Alex had a fascinating dialogue with Steve M. It concerned precisely, «Is JavaScript frontend or backend?». We liked this interest from the client-side. Since JavaScript (JS) is literally everywhere, this article will give you a quick answer to that question and help you determine whether it is a client-side or a software-hardware side of the user interface. Let's do it!

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Instead of a foreword: is JavaScript frontend or backend?

According to available information, nearly 14 000 companies use this programming language for their projects. Many of them are world-famous firms that make multibillion-dollar profits each year. What has won them over to JavaScript?

  • JS is one of the world's oldest programming languages, launched in 1995. Because of its history, the technology is considered one of the most trusted and well-developed.
  • Since JavaScript has a large army of fans among technically savvy people, the programming language is regularly updated and widely distributed worldwide.
  • The technology has earned tremendous credibility among developers and various companies. Therefore, many well-known frameworks and libraries were based on it. For example, ReactJS, AngularJS (now the framework is dead and replaced by the Angular framework), EmberJS, NodeJS, and some others.

These are impressive achievements for a programming language. Let's consider the fact that JS has no owner like React, represented by Meta (ex-Facebook), or Angular, represented by Google. It makes JavaScript unlike any other technology at all. While the creator of this solution is Brendan Eich, he is not the copyright holder, and the community of experts sets the main trends in the development of this programming language.

Not surprisingly, in the nearly 30-year history of technology, which is an incredibly long time by the modern world's standards, JS has undergone many changes and transformations. And the question is JavaScript frontend or backend remains open even with such a rich story.

How do you know which side of the JavaScript is on?

Now let's jump directly to where we understand is JavaScript frontend or backend. Many people are used to the fact that this programming language is precisely in the frontend.

It was mentioned above how many frontend frameworks and libraries are based on JS. Some people don't know that JavaScript can just as easily be applied as a backend. To do so, one would have to utilize this programming language not directly but through frameworks. For this, coders should choose frameworks that are used in the NodeJS runtime environment. In this case, JS will be considered as the backend.

The question «Is JavaScript frontend or backend?» cannot be answered in one way because the technology can act as both. Depending on the situation and the framework used, this programming language performs the roles of each of the algorithms in the architecture. If you have other questions or need advice about your project, contact


Can I use JavaScript as backend?

Yes, this programming language can be used for this type of software architecture. You should be aware that in such a case, the backend is not used as a standalone technology but as part of an already existing framework. For example, you can use the NodeJS programming platform to develop the client side of UI. In that case, JavaScript is transformed into a general-purpose language by compiling the V8 engine.

Is a JavaScript developer a front end developer?

Keeping it very simple, yes. A specialist who works with JS is a frontend developer. However, if the person also knows NodeJS technology, they are already a full-stack developer.

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May 31, 2022

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