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We are focusing only on front-end technologies: Angular, React, Node.js, React Native.

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You have no hidden cost and no commissions. All expenses like working place for developer, salary, laptop are included in cost already.

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You need to make a request with your contact manager and we will make a replacement for you in a week.

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Philipp Lenz
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“There are a lot of companies that offer similar services but we’ve had an end-to-end good experience with them.”

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Platform Development for Event Management Agency
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Frankfurt, Germany
Patrik Dvořák
CEO, SECTOR 31 s.r.o.

"AVA.codes’ responsiveness and accuracy were impressive. We highly recommend them."

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PHP Development for Custom E-Commerce Microservice
E-commerce Development
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Czech Republic
Georg Winkler
CEO, Xpertify

"The different and very profound skillset of the TFC team was very impressive."

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PHP & AngularJS Dev for Automation Company
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$10,000 to $49,999
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Information technology
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Hamburg, Germany

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How to hire ReactJS developer: An essential guide with FAQ

ReactJS has ranked within the three most widespread and popular technologies among programmers. Many professionals believe that this tool is equally convenient and fulfilling for working with various projects. Unlike Angular, several times more experts are working with this solution. But why is it still so hard for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to hire ReactJS developer for their products? That's what we'll talk about next.

A little history to understand the features of this platform

People without a technical education and all those who work in IT, but do not directly create code, call ReactJS a framework (here, we will do so too). Although in reality, it is a front-end library launched by Facebook Inc. in 2013. A particular feature of this open-source library is that it allows you to create custom tools and components.

The basis for this tool is JavaScript. That's why the technology is often described as a JS library. Besides JavaScript and its ECMAScript (ES5/ES6), React programmers also use other templates to create various products. 

For example, numerous experts use JSX (an extension of JS programming language syntax), HTML, and CSS elements in their work. So, even if this framework is thought to be relatively easy to learn and grasp the base, a qualified developer needs to be familiar with many other tools.

The main difference between React and Angular is that the first uses virtual DOM, and the second uses real DOM. What's the upside of that? Let's say your website or app needs to update a user's personal information. How works the virtual DOM – updates only necessary sections while comparing the previous and current versions of the data. On the other hand, a real DOM will update the entire tags tree until it gets the right information.

Since experts can re-use the written source code by inserting it into any part of the IDE (integrated development environment), it saves time. Of course, because of this feature, applications are not created in record time. It just gives professionals more time to test, improve and further evolve the project.

Other highlights and reasons for the popularity of ReactJS

  1. Because of its unique design and flexibility, experts can create products that do not follow strict architectural principles.
  1. This tool helps make interfaces that represent the experience of every single user of the application/website. 
  1. This solution is suitable for creating large-scale projects where customers have the ability to customize the interface or monitor a lot of content.
  1. Projects built on JavaScript are easy to scale and develop because the framework is flexible and easy to improve.

When should you hire ReactJS developer?

Some multi-million dollar corporations and successful companies use ReactJS as their primary development tool. The most famous on the list are Facebook (which is quite reasonable because these guys created the technology along with Jordan Walke) and Instagram (also expected because this social network platform belongs to Facebook).

Other well-known businesses using React:

Although this list contains only the names of reputable companies, small and medium-sized firms are also widely using this framework. This high market demand comes down mainly to the following two reasons: the technology's flexibility and many experts.

This framework is suitable for a variety of purposes. It can be used for front-end, UI/UX, native apps, and product development. Plus, it has a ton of tools to support & maintain existing projects or migrate a website.

If you only plan to create a project with flexible customization or want to grow your product developed in ReactJS, it won't be that hard to do. You have a great selection of candidates available to help you with specific problems and implement the features you need in your product.

Who might need to hire ReactJS developer:

  • those who want to add new features to the apps or website (interactive technologies for pages like order/booking forms, buttons to modify the interface, additional plugins);
  • those who want to provide their customers and clients with the best user experience through a perfectly designed structure of dynamic pages;
  • those who want to rebuild or migrate their software application.

Regardless of your niche, team size or end goal, finding a great developer focused on developing your particular product is indispensable. You don't have to hire a person based on a CV only.

Tips, tricks, and advice on how to hire ReactJS developer

You may think that the number of programmers working with this technology is great, so to hire a great specialist is a piece of cake. Wrong! As with any other specialist, you will have various small or more significant problems while decide to hire a coder.

We hate to jump to platitudes and talk about the self-evident, but we can't avoid that here. The process of hiring a developer is no different. You have to follow some rules if you want to achieve success and get the best output. Below there are some mistakes that people make most often when they want to hire ReactJS developer.

Mistake #1. Choosing the wrong model of cooperation

Some projects cannot always estimate correctly the project budget and the costs that lie ahead of them. For this reason, there are situations when, in an attempt to save money, firms hire freelancers for work that requires maximum carefulness and focus. Not always, but quite often, this leads to such problems:

  • the code has to be re-worked;
  • deadlines are missed;
  • irrelevant solutions are introduced into the product.

Likewise, a company can fall into another trap when it hires an in-house developer. In this case, the firm collaborates with a recruiting agency, paying a huge fee to the recruiter and programmer. And then it may turn out that the employee is too expensive or there is not enough work for him/her. Fees are paid, the person gets the money, and the company suffers a loss.

Mistake #2. Looking for a specialist who does not fit your criteria

It is another oft-repeated blunder that slows down the speed of project evolution and eats up some of your budgets. While specifying programmer responsibilities may seem like an obvious step, not everyone focuses on it. Even before you start looking for a candidate who knows React, write out a list of his/her responsibilities and the budget you're ready to spend to pay.

Depending on the specifics of your project, consider what other duties coders should perform. It will directly affect the selection process for the job and the professional's salary. If you don't even make such a basic plan, you probably will be looking for a worker among candidates with unsuitable talents.

Mistake #3. Hiring a ReactJS developer with no niche experience

This issue is indirectly intertwined with the point above. It would be best if you understood that the more experience a specialist has in your niche, the faster he or she will get the task done. A person with a specific skill set will be able to immerse himself in the work process better, implement suitable technologies, offer his solutions and, if necessary, share the experience with co-workers.

If you have a complex, specific, or highly competitive niche, it is important to hire ReactJS developer with expertise. Such a move may seem costly or daunting in the short term, but it's a win-win strategy for a long time. Firstly, you won't need to train this specialist, and you'll get someone with the right tech stack immediately. And secondly, niche-experienced programmers give your product more than just talented coders.

Interesting fact: React now has more than 172 thousand stars on GitHub. For comparison, Angular has almost 2.5 times less – 75 thousand stars.

Mistake #4. Paying attention only to hard skills

In today's world, a great programmer is somebody easy to contact, builds friendly relationships with other team members, and has an opinion. Sometimes when searching for an expert with knowledge of React or other frameworks, companies look only at what kinds of libraries the expert uses, how well he or she tests the software, and what additional knowledge it possesses. 

The employee's communication skills, interest in the project, and curiosity are essential. How does this relate to programming, apps, and websites development? If a coder knows how to interact appropriately and is open to the world, then he/she will ask an experienced colleague for advice, dig deeper and go the extra mile. Such a specialist will not wait to be guided, but will offer a way to improve the product independently.

Mistake #5. Asking the wrong questions during an interview

It's another common problem that can cost you a lot of nerves later on. There is no single formula for the best questions because each company needs a different skill set for each expert. There are general tips that will allow you to interview a candidate properly.

A person's work experience is undoubtedly vital. However, instead of asking about that, it's wiser to clarify what tasks a coder has faced on previous projects. In this way, you'll get an idea of some of the candidate's qualities at once:

  • the niche experience;
  • how in-depth his or her knowledge is;
  • whether the person can work in a team.

A great product, either an app or a website, is an achievement of the entire crew. If your interviewee never mentions the accomplishments of ex-colleagues and talks only about themselves, it's not always a good sign.

Ask the professional what project this person is most proud of or most disappointed in. In the first case, you can assess what technology the individual has used before. And in the second case, you can understand if the programmer can evaluate his past mistakes and how a person would fix them now.

A brief conclusion

As you can see, React is one of the most favored frameworks nowadays. It is actively used by small, medium-sized, and large businesses. But for your product to work perfectly, you need to be responsible for recruiting qualified workers. You may think obvious things don't matter when in reality, they have the most significant impact.  

Take care of project development and more important tasks instead of spending time on a long search for a professional on freelance sites or in-house. Instead, hire ReactJS developer with niche experience in their field with no risk or overpayment. Work with TFC and save yourself the hassle of searching for the right professional.

FAQ: How to hire ReactJS developer with TFC?

Do you work only with ReactJS?

No, our experts also use React Native technology. If you need a niche-experienced developer with knowledge of React Native, you can always hire it in our company. Our team focuses on creating user-friendly, good-looking, and performant interfaces that enhance the positive user experience of your customers. We use either React or React Native for this purpose.

If I eventually want to extend my team, how long would that take?

Quite often, there are situations when, as a project develops, our clients need more developers. In such case, it's enough to contact our manager directly, write an e-mail to info@ava.codes or call +1 (212) 252-2165. As a side note: you can do the same if you want to reduce the number of programmers.

How do I know that hiring a ReactJS developer in your company is a good idea?

Not to doubt your choice, you can take advantage of our risk-free trial. This period is quite enough to see how we work together, to evaluate the capabilities of our niche-experienced professionals and management.

Also, you should know that our team is not freelancers but programmers with proven skills. If you need, we can give contacts of some of our customers for feedback. It will allow you to hire ReactJS developer with the most relevant experience in your niche, a set of particular qualities, and knowledge of the necessary technologies.

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