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We are focusing only on front-end technologies: Angular, React, Node.js, React Native.

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Patrik Dvořák
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"AVA.codes’ responsiveness and accuracy were impressive. We highly recommend them."

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PHP Development for Custom E-Commerce Microservice
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Georg Winkler
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"The different and very profound skillset of the TFC team was very impressive."

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PHP & AngularJS Dev for Automation Company
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Hamburg, Germany

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How to hire Angular developer? Guide, tips, Q&A

For several years, Angular has been one of the most popular frameworks along with React. According to JavaScript Rising Stars data, this software platform is among the top three front-end frameworks. Would you like to use this solution for your product as well? Below, you'll find out about the benefits of this framework and how to hire Angular developer for long-term cooperation.

Benefits and advantages of Angular

Although this software platform was released in 2016 and is considered relatively young, it has many advantages compared to its competitors. We are sure that you know all the strengths of Angular compared to other platforms. But we still want to repeat some distinctive features of the software platform:

  • the solution allows you to dynamically change information in one part of the interface while changing model information in another. The two-way linking helps users always see up-to-date content without compromising loading speed;

Before the frameworks came along, a user had a lot of trouble monitoring the site. Once the user went to a new section, the site completely reloaded.

  • this software platform has an open code, so it is often updated and improved. Almost every year, a new version is released, and an Angular developer can use the code with the maximum effective solutions;
  • thanks to this tool, the visual part of applications and websites does not degrade. It only helps to improve functionality and performance, not ruin the visual aspect of the project;
  • this software platform has a data separation scheme in the apps calling MVC (model-view-controller). With this possibility, developers can test the application quickly and without problems;
  • mobile applications based on this framework are usually easy to scale. The platform is quite flexible, and modifications of elements are made independently;

The primary programming language for Angular is TypeScript. The advantage of this one is the possibility for self-documentation, a low number of bugs, and accessible code reading. However, coders sometimes also use JavaScript or Dart.

  • thanks to the ever-growing need for this solution, many additional components, and tools for the framework appear worldwide;
  • old and new versions of this software platform are backward-compatible. It means that you can switch from version 9 to 7 or from 4 to 5 at any time. That way, your product remains portable and more flexible.

There is an Ivy Renderer feature in the software platform to speed up downloads. Its main thing is that while rendering, it removes some unused code. It makes the package simpler, and web applications load faster. 

Besides, experts can use a unique method of generating HTML templates called Universal. It improves the program's performance on smartphones and tablets and shortens its time to load a web page. Another advantage of Universe is that such a method increases the ranking of software in search engines.

Why is it difficult to hire Angular developer nowadays?

Finding a talented, knowledgeable, and responsible developer is a tough task. And there are three reasons for that:

  1. This solution appeared only a few years ago, so not many programmers use it in their work yet. Moreover, as in the whole IT industry, there is a shortage of qualified specialists.
  2. The framework is huge compared to React and others, so the number of unresolved problems is also higher. It's challenging enough to hire Angular developer who can handle complex or yet unresolved tasks.
  3. It takes a lot of time to find the right candidate who will fit in easily and be responsible for the job. If you do not have a step-by-step algorithm, this duty is painful.

The U.S. is the world leader in the number of AngularJS-based sites.

Four steps how to hire Angular developer and their specifics

On the list, each of the steps below seems basic, but in reality, some of them are truly tricky. Let's see what you need to pay special attention to and why.

Step 1. Choosing a model for work

Before you even start searching for a qualified specialist, you need to decide how it is most convenient for you to work with him or her. The main models of interaction with programmers these days are the following:

Why it's vital: Once you've determined what type of collaboration you need, it will be easier to choose the process for finding the right specialist. If you look for a candidate in your country, you'll have to look for help from a recruiting agency and pay the recruiter fees. 

If you choose outstaffing or outsourcing, then you have to find the right third-party company. Ideally, the partner should have a similar mentality to yours, knowledge of English, and have the closest time zone. To hire Angular developer for part-time or freelance, you will have to go to popular sites and manually look through worthy applicants' CVs.

What are the problems you might face: Angular framework has detailed documentation, but still, its architecture is difficult to learn and manage the individual components. It's not always the case that programmers in your area can complete the tasks you need. Especially if we are talking about niche-experienced developers.

Step 2. Setting goals

Why it's vital: To assess the depth and width of a specialist's knowledge, you should determine in advance his/her list of responsibilities. It will help to filter out candidates who are inexperienced and eliminate awkward expectation-reality situations. 

When you have a clear list of tasks that a developer should perform, the roadmap becomes more precise, and there will be no unnecessary actions. Always describe your project, its mission, and goals.

The problems you might face: If you do not define a path that an Angular developer should follow, it can disrupt the results. For example, a person will do less than expected or use fundamentally wrong technologies. To meet the expectations, you first need to properly formulate these hopes in technical documentation and talk them through during the interview.

Many world-renowned companies use Angular to develop their applications and websites. The most famous ones are PayPal, Gmail, Forbes, Samsung, Mixer.

Step 3. Cost of work

Why it's vital: To avoid wasting time interviewing candidates who aren't right for you, set a low and a high price point. It's helpful if you have a difficult and big project. Applicants with the lowest rates are usually junior devs or people with little knowledge.

The problems you might face: Try to choose professionals who balance between a high-quality performance and a reasonable price. It helps to create a handy product for your customers without going too far out of budget. The only exceptions are coders with niche experience who have a particular set of technical skills and expertise. The work of such pros cannot be cheap.

Step 4. Interviews

Sometimes it seems like the most straightforward task in finding the right candidate. The process is comparable to a pearl hunt at the ocean bottom without the proper equipment and a map. It's much easier to search for treasure when you have an outlined path and the correct tools. During job interviews, your boosters are the right questions. 

Why it's vital: This way, it's easier to evaluate a candidate's qualifications objectively. Also, many pre-screening questions can be asked even by someone without any knowledge of programming. 

The problems you might face: You could hire the wrong person. Quite often, educated and talented coders do not have the slightest idea of solving problems in specific or complex industries. It would seem that you have chosen the best developer, but you forgot to ask about his experience in your field. And that's a problem. 

Without niche experience in the automotive industry, a person can't help you maintain or develop a SaaS solution for dealerships. Meanwhile, a healthcare or e-learning expert is unlikely to help you with an app for 3D printing or complex manufacturing.

Some ideas of what to ask when you want to hire Angular developer:

  • Where have you worked, and on what projects? 
  • Which project are you most proud of, and for what reason?
  • In what niche do you have the most experience? 
  • Is there a project that has disappointed you or that you would do otherwise now?
  • How often do you receive professional training and professional development?

Summing up

Despite the popularity of the framework, it is not easy to hire Angular developer for a project. Here are still a minimal number of skilled devs and even fewer specialists with specific niche experience. For this reason, you can't take the first talent that comes your way. To find a true gem, you need to ask the right questions and find those who can close your niche-experienced developer need.  Not everyone has the time to retrain an up-and-coming pro from another field; it's much easier and faster to hire someone who already knows their job. 

FAQ: How to hire Angular developer with TFC?

What is the level of technical skills of your programmers?

Our team members are the best specialists who use the latest Angular. There are no junior programmers in the company; each employee has an excellent technical background, a bachelor's or master's degree. 

Do you work only with Angular or with AngularJS as well?

If you need support for a product created with AngularJS, we can help too. Our employees constantly learn, take courses, and have a clear learning plan. So, we have people who can also help with old AngularJS.

What is the difference between Angular and AngularJS?

In professional terms, the main thing is that Angular is based on TypeScript, and AngularJS is based on JavaScript. There are some similarities between these frameworks; however, the differences are not slight either. 

For example, Angular provides better speed and performance and supports mobile. If you want to learn more about framework performances, look at our blog post with their performance comparisons.

Why is it essential to hire niche-experienced devs?

Such specialists know the technical features and trends of your industry better. This way, they can implement different quality solutions in the right direction. Unfortunately, a talented expert from another niche not always can handle a complex task quickly and efficiently.

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