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Team Extension for Next generation storage for photographers

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client review

“Deeply appreciate the contribution of AVA.codes team, that offered us not just quality work, but also guidance during the development process that helped us successfully launch 1st version of the application in the short period of time. Their in-time delivery, both strong soft and hard skills of developers, ability to manage huge amount of work and handle issues of different level of difficulty is just incredible”

John Drake
CTO at Photobell





SaaS & Progressive Web Application based on Angular


Cloud Web App for photographers and Mobile Apps for photographers' clients.
Cloud Web App for photographers - SaaS with monthly subscriptions.
Mobile Apps - fully responsive PWA (Progressive Web App).

Time from message to start of project

2 weeks

Length of collaboration

500 working days

Project focus

Frontend 50%
Backend 25%
Design 25%


Photobell is an early-stage startup that was looking for a development partner to extend the team with niche-experienced developers to develop an application from scratch. The customer had minimum initial technical requirements available; mainly, it was an idea and an approximate imagination of the end product. So, it was essential to find a development provider who will consult them during the working process, help choose the most suitable technology stack, and launch the 1st version of the project.


- limited budget
- limited timeframes
- doubts regarding the most suitable technology stack and design part
- lack of accurate technical requirements
- an unclear vision of the end product
- lack the developers with a good technical background and an understanding of the business side and industry, who will be able to consult during the working process.

Business needs

- meet the limited budget and timeframes
- launch the first version of the app to gather user's feedback
- make a competitive product to attract investors to increase financing
- have constant access to needed resources for further fixes and product developmentf
- find a partner with a high level of flexibility in terms of speed and in-time delivery
- get a better understanding of 2nd version of the project and the most important features

Team engaged on the start

Team engaged right now


The AVA.codes development team used the latest cutting-edge technologies for both front-end and back-end components of the product.

Package manager:



PHP Laravel





AWS Lambda





For mobile:




Project structure

Photo storage

Cloud Web App for photographers

UI/UX design

Cloud Web App for photographers Cloud Web App is Software as a service (SaaS), which will allow the photographers to upload, structure, and store the result of their work. Also, they can protect their photos with watermarks or passwords.

PWA part

Mobile App for clients

In addition to fantastic desktop galleries and favorite flow, the photographer's customers should have a personalized mobile app on Android or iOS devices.


AVA.codes helped customers to build the first version of the Mobile and Web App, which gives the photographers the possibility to upload, structure, and store the result of their work and solves the following pains: slow photo upload, annoying ads, security protection, difficulties with structuring the projects, limitation on photo size, inability to download the files on mobile devices, absence of mobile app for clients.

We offered our client guidance during the working process and constant access to needed resources in a short period. After, we have also provided further maintenance to make the product competitive to attract first users and financing.

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