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“I want to thank all the team that helped me bring this crazy vision of having a startup to life and for all the hard work was putting in and for advancing the company every day. I know this was anything but an easy project for all of us, but I am very happy we did it together”.

Chris Pike
CTO at Numinous Blue



Leisure, Travel&Tourism


Cross Platform Mobile App based on React.js

Deliverables decided to use React.js as the main library for the front-end side with Cordova wrapper. Also, we made a simple back-end layer using Firebase to build a platform that allows you to quickly find the best experiences worldwide, together with all the information you need, in one single place. All you have to do is tell us what your preferences are when it comes to traveling.

Time from message to start of project

2 weeks

Length of collaboration

1 year

Project focus

Frontend 50%
Backend 25%
Design 25%


The early-stage startup was looking for a development partner with understanding both the technical and business sides to develop an application from scratch, set up all the flow, logic, and design parts in a short period of time. They were looking for not only people to develop the application but one who can consult them from a technical perspective: which technologies to use, what basic features should be for the first stage, what UI/UX will be more attractive for users, etc.


- limited budget
- limited timeframes
- the high cost of developers on the local market- a not clear vision of the end product
- doubts regarding the most suitable technology stack, design, and features
- lack the developers with an excellent technical background and an understanding of the business side and industry, who will consult during the working process.

Business needs

- meet the limited budget and timeframes
- launch the first version of the app to gather user’s feedback
- make a competitive product to attract investors to increase financing
- have constant access to needed resources for further fixes and product development

Team engaged on the start

Team engaged right now

Technologies used several technologies to achieve harmonious application development. Our programmers chose React.js as the primary tool in their work. With Cordova wrapper and Firebase, the developers created a symbiosis between the front-end and back-end components of the project.


React Native

State management:

React Redux

React Thunk



To host on hosting:



Package manager:




On server:




Mango DB

Project structure

Solution for travelers

Discover experiences

UI/UX design

Swipe quickly through thousands of Experiences around the world. Secret locations included!

Photo storage

Match your preferences

UI/UX design

Use filters to match Experiences to your mood or general preferences, wherever you are.

PWA mobile

Create plans

Create plans in just a few moments, as detailed as you want.

Summary have met customers’ requirements and built a product from scratch in a short period of time with a limited budget, offered long-term support after product launching, and consulted their customers during all the working processes.

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