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We are focusing only on front-end technologies: Angular, React, Node.js, React Native.

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How to hire JavaScript developer without trouble?

JavaScript is one of the most important programming languages in today's world, allowing you to create code using multiple paradigms simultaneously. These days, all websites and applications without exception have such elements, so pros with proficiency in JS are invaluable. Next, you will learn how to hire JavaScript developer properly and what points to pay attention to during the candidates' recruitment.

A step-by-step manual for those who want to hire JavaScript developer

Sometimes it seems that when you don't need a new employee, there are plenty of programmers around with the right qualifications. But as soon as you start looking for someone for a particular project, there are only crickets singing around. To make sure you no longer have trouble when you want to hire JavaScript developers, below we share the how, what, and why.

This programming language came about thanks to Brendan Eich in 1995 and is still relevant today.

Action #1. Define the partnership model

Small, midsize, and big businesses should decide in advance which model is best suited to create or maintain their product. It is the most crucial point that many people do wrong. 

The most common options for collaborating with programmers are:

  • full- and part-time job in-house;
  • remote work (offshore or nearshore);
  • outstaffing;
  • freelancers.

For a better understanding, let's analyze a case in point.

Steve works for a small company with 5 employees that created software for local mini-markets. One of the developers got ill and took sick pay for a while In this situation, Steve needs to hire someone to replace them, who can quickly figure out the JavaScript code and keep it running smoothly.

What Steve did: Hired an in-house person and paid a huge commission to a recruiting agency. As a result, when the first developer returned to work, their place was taken, and the company was overpaying for two specialists. It was an unreasonable expense for an SMB (small and midsize business) that was growing.

What Steve should have done: He could ask for help from a trusted freelancer or hire a third-party partner and use the outstaffing service. In the first scenario, Steve's company would have saved a lot of time, not wasted money on recruiters, and would have invested in further product growth. And in the second scenario, it would get a developer with proven skills and pay only for the hours the professional spends working on the project.

Conclusion: One universal piece of advice for firms is to hire JavaScript developers based on your company's status and size. If you're a young startup with no budget and lots of jobs, then the best thing to do is work with a good freelancer. It will be challenging to hire a responsible person with enough motivation, but it is not an impossible task.

For those who already produce a product or present a project, it is a great idea to work with an outsourcing or outstaffing firm. At the same time, big companies with 100+ people are better to create their staff of JS coders or cooperate with large IT firms. They have a lot of experience working on products from scratch and can adequately organize the process and think through the product development strategy.

Action #2. Establish employee roles and responsibilities

It is another essential task before you start looking for really talented professionals. This programming language has been around for almost 30 years, so it has many paradigms, tools to extend syntax, and huge functionality. Because of this, your company may have trouble hiring JavaScript developers with the right knowledge base.

People without a tech background sometimes mistake this technology for Java and JScript, but they are entirely different solutions. The first one is a strictly typed object-oriented language. The second one is a scripting language of programming that Microsoft developed in 1996. JScript can also be used to create Active Server Pages (ASP) or to administer Windows systems.

It would seem that if a person says he knows JS, he can solve any problem with your product. Unfortunately, this is a common misconception. There are several categories of coders who see this solution. And each of them performs different tasks in a project's progress.

JavaScript developer categories:

  1. Those responsible for front-end development – such experts are in charge of the appearance of your website and/or application. Such experts create UI/UX design, add various functions to sites, are responsible for interface display on different devices, browsers, OS, and timely fix of some problems.
  2. Those who do full-stack development are universal professionals who work with the graphic component of the design and can work with databases. Besides the visible part of the product, a full-stack developer also knows about databases, servers, and applications.
  1. Those who deal with back-end development – this category of specialists should be considered when you need to build the entire architecture of the project. These pros handle the server part of the product, which is the heart and foundation of any web project.

Conclusion: If you need to do code from scratch, you should hire a full-stack/back-end programmer or a team of FE and BE devs. For an already created application or site, you will most often need to support the visual component and fine-tune the functionality. If that is the case, you should look for a person with experience in front-end development. 

Based on what category of experts you need, you can hire JavaScript developer with the most suitable set of responsibilities. For example, it makes no sense to consider the resume of someone who has only done UI/UX design to create the server side. Equally, as a database and server-side expert, you shouldn't expect to fix the UI design.

Action #3. Set a budget and calculate unexpected expenses

Once you've decided what cooperation model is suitable for your company and what duties the specialist should perform, you can calculate the budget. To determine the salary of a professional with the necessary qualifications, look at some websites of recruiting agencies and study some statistics.

According to Indeed, the average salary for JavaScript devs in the United States is $111,355. Numbers in other countries may vary.

Conclusion: A little research on pricing in the market will give you an estimate of how much a skilled employee will have to pay for a job. Also, it will also help filter out people who are not right for your team.

Action #4. Make a list of programmer's soft skills

Just 10-20 years ago, hard skills were enough for a developer to get highly promoted in the profession. Employers did not care how outgoing, creative, and curious a person was. In the 2020s, the situation changed. Now to the tech stack testing, you need to be interested in the developer's soft skills.

If you want to hire JavaScript developer who will not just understand the code, here is a list of 5 essential qualities for a worker

  • communication savvy;
  • flexibility and curiosity;
  • critical thinking;
  • self-reliance and responsibility;
  • attention to detail and time management.

Conclusion: If you are lucky enough to have such a person in your team, he/she will not only do a great job. They will quickly join the team, find common ground with any of your employees, and not be afraid to speak their minds. Developing a website or an application is a team effort, where it is important to achieve a harmonious relationship in the team.

Action #5. Give a test task or use the test period

Once the first four steps are completed, it's time for the interview and technical screening of the professional. In each step of this instruction, you screened out a different category of professionals. For example, you hired a person through the outstaffing model, filtering out the CVs of people for in-house or freelance work. Also, after defining the profile, you more accurately lined up the requirements for the candidate and determined the sum you could pay the professional.

In the final stages, you had to choose pros who are easy to contact and demonstrate soft skills that fit your project. Now all that is left to do is to assess the candidates' expertise during the interview. To accomplish this, make a short list of applicants and do an interview. 

During it, you should be interested in the following:

  1. Ask the developer to say the difference between Java, JS, and JScript.
  2. Ask for a code example to solve a specific task.
  3. Ask for the difference between double and triple comparison operators. Or ask for a description of the different ways to create objects. 

It is just a sample list of things you can discuss during the expert's screening. Also, be sure to find out about the person's previous experience, ask about his or her responsibilities and workflow. If the developer has experience in your industry, that's a huge plus. And if he or she has dealt with similar projects before, they will be in a better position to handle your project. 

According to Google Trends, the number of searches for JavaScript on the Google search engine from 2004 to 2021 is on a downward trend. This does not mean that the technology is no longer used. It's at the core of the AngularJS framework, ReactJS, NodeJS, and other platforms to one degree or another.

Conclusion: Always take the chance to test the skills, abilities, and other programmer's competencies. Then you can hire JavaScript developer who will support the development of the project and not waste time on retraining. In addition to the test assignment, an excellent opportunity to understand how qualified the expert is, is a trial. 

Every specialist and company varies in this period. For example, at AVA.codes, you can order a 7-day risk-free trial. To learn more, book a free call, email viktoria.buchenko@ava.codes or call +1 (212) 252-2165.

FAQ: How to hire JavaScript developer with AVA.codes?

Who is the source code owner?

When you extend your team with any of our programmers, you are the only owner of all code.

Is it possible to hire a great JS developer without having a tech education?

It's hard to give an easy answer. On the one hand, to evaluate the knowledge of technology, you can't go without a technically savvy person. It can be your CTO or Head of IT who will test the coder's capabilities.

On the other hand, you can delegate this job to a third-party partner. If you don't have the necessary background, you can ask us for help. We have excellent JS programmers who can expand your team. They all have proven skills, so you have nothing to worry about. All the recruiting work is done already, and you only pay an hourly rate.

Do you only use JavaScript in your work?

No, our specialists are focused on several front-end technologies. AVA.codes programmers, besides the JS programming language, use the following solutions:

  • ReactJS and React Native;
  • NodeJS;
  • Angular and AngularJS.

This is far from being a complete list of our team's skills. The company's specialists upgrade their qualifications regularly and receive professional training. It allows the experts to keep up with the trends and constantly strengthen their own professional knowledge.

What is the hourly rate at your company, and what does it cover?

You can hire JavaScript developer with niche experience for the product or website with an hourly rate of $50-100.  The hr rate is a factor of the complexity of your business niche, the tasks assigned to specialists, and the length of the partnership. But you should notice that we don't have any hidden commissions or costs. We provide our programmers with the necessary devices, workplace, and salary on our own.  Moreover, you can check what the coder is doing currently or what work they have done previously. We use the Clockify app for time tracking.

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