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During the week  we will find a right react developer from our team and you will be able to start trial period for 1 week.

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You are paying just hourly rate of our react developer. PM and HR are included in that cost.

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You are protected by contract and all of our react developers are our employees(not freelancers).


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You are the owner of all intellectual property.

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Easily end the collaboration with the react developer by request in 2 weeks.

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If you will not be satisfied, we will make you the 70% discount for all the jobs done during first week with our react developer. If everything will be working fine – we will just continue working with our normal hourly rate.

1 week

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Not happy with the hired react developer? Make a request for replacement - it will be free for you.

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Frequently asked questions

Can you provide more reviews from your customers?

What tech skills do you have?

We are focusing only on front-end technologies: Angular, React, Node.js, React Native.

What is included in the hourly rate?

You have no hidden cost and no commissions. All expenses like working place for developer, salary, laptop are included in cost already.

What if I will want to replace my developer?

You need to make a request with your contact manager and we will make a replacement for you in a week.

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Philipp Lenz
Co-Founder, parloo.de

“There are a lot of companies that offer similar services but we’ve had an end-to-end good experience with them.”

Willing to refer:
The project
Platform Development for Event Management Agency
Custom Software Development
$10,000 to $49,999
The client
IT Services
1-10 Employees
Frankfurt, Germany
Patrik Dvořák
CEO, SECTOR 31 s.r.o.

"AVA.codes’ responsiveness and accuracy were impressive. We highly recommend them."

Willing to refer:
The project
PHP Development for Custom E-Commerce Microservice
E-commerce Development
Less than $10,000
The client
IT Services
11-50 Employees
Czech Republic
Georg Winkler
CEO, Xpertify

"The different and very profound skillset of the TFC team was very impressive."

Willing to refer:
The project
PHP & AngularJS Dev for Automation Company
Web Development
$10,000 to $49,999
The client
Information technology
1-10 Employees
Hamburg, Germany

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How to hire front-end developer without headaches and suffering

The appearance and usability of the site or app are the first impressions users have about your project. That's why it's crucial to create the right image these days. Otherwise, people won't receive what they need from your product. It is not just the loss of one potential customer, but also the risk of losing many opportunities and authority. If you want to save your project from the problem described above, you need to hire front-end developer with the best experience and knowledge.

A front-end specialist will help to create harmony in the UI/UX design of your product. They can maintain the balance in the already completed project. One thing remains to be known – how to hire a great FE programmer and what steps to take. Further, we go on to figure it out together so that you can collaborate with the devs who are fit for your tasks.

What tasks does a front-end programmer perform?

FE experts must create and maintain aspects of websites and applications and do it with a UI/UX strategy in mind. In simple words, such experts are supposed to be knowledgeable in many of the necessary technologies to create the user interface and experience. Moreover, they should interact directly with the project's information architecture, implement layouts, and work out the internal code for the product functionality.

Such programmers need to follow trends in different niches and get the most out of the user interaction with the application or website. A poorly developed visual appearance or awkwardly arranged buttons are incredibly harmful to the business. To avoid losing customers, you need to hire front-end developer with the best set of hard and soft skills.

Technologies with which a front-end specialist should be familiar

Programmers use several technologies in their work to achieve the best results. Based on experience and previous projects, developers are most likely to have the following technologies and skills:

In professional circles, it is believed that an excellent developer cannot create code and layouts for projects simultaneously. Many experts recommend refusing to cooperate with those who promise to write code and create a design for the product. It is better to hire front-end developer who handles only web development.

Some experts may also use NodeJS and AngularJS for work. Additionally, some coders may have basic skills in adaptive design, know the basics of 2D and 3D graphics, browser developer tools, and CSS frameworks, and the principles of search engine optimization. The last point allows coders to consider search engine requirements for websites and applications to improve their ranking in SERPs (Search Engine Result Page).

Actions to be taken to hire front-end developer

There is no single successful scenario on how to find a great professional to collaborate with. Unfortunately, for every product, looking for the right programmer can vary with the specialist's budget, experience, and tech stack. But the good news is that the five steps below are 80% of success. 

Here's what you should do if you want to hire front-end developer without too much trouble or effort:

  1. Make a detailed list of the responsibilities and tasks the candidate will have to perform.

First, a description of the new employee's role will help filter out people who don't have enough knowledge or technical background. Let's say you need someone who will write code from scratch and think through the source code's architecture from A to Z. It's not a task for a front-end coder. 

For such a mission, you need to look for someone with back-end experience. Second, a list of responsibilities comes in handy for the next step - calculating the budget. Without a job description, you won't be able to research the market and determine the average cost of FE coders.

  1. Determine the salary you are going to pay the specialist.

You already have a list of jobs for the soon-to-be employee, so it will be easy to get an idea of the average rate. Use websites like Indeed.com or the Bureau of Statistics to make more accurate calculations. 

A little further below, we'll go into more detail about salaries in the United States. At this point, you'll just know if you can find a qualified coder given your project budget.

  1. Make a shortlist of candidates and take a closer look at their qualifications.

The most common problem with finding a developer is, that people spend a lot of time talking to each expert instead of digging deeper. You already have a list of responsibilities and the amount of money you're ready to spend on a new worker. Go through all the CVs, sweeping away the people with the most or least experience, with too high or low salaries, with mismatched skill sets. 

It's worth refusing to work with anyone who is in the opposite industry to your product. Why? Even programmers who are highly educated and experienced in other fields might not be suitable for your project. It doesn't mean that such specialists are not qualified enough, just that they are used to working differently. In some situations, a perspective from others is helpful. But it is not necessary to check it with your company. 

In addition to studying the information in the CV, talk to the expert's past clients. You can read reviews of the programmer from other employers, look at the technologies that have been implemented by the developer, his technical background, and much more.

  1. Take care of your security in advance.

No one says you have to take a polygraph test or anything like that. For a start, sign an NDA (Non-disclosure Agreement). This document is not a 100% guarantee that any information about the project will not be shared. After signing an NDA, both sides are aware of the seriousness of the relationship and take a responsible approach to security.

If you use an outsourcing or outstaffing model of cooperation, then clarify the rights to the source code in advance. Reliable third-party partners always specify that the complete owner of the code is the client. When you are in doubt, ask directly about such things. In the case of freelancers, your product has a little less security. 

An independent coder may not know that you want to keep the code or that you can't publicize the collaboration. A freelancer can disappear from your horizon unexpected, keeping the source code or not sharing it with a new front-end developer. Before you hire such a person, talk about security issues in advance or make a security contract.

  1. Don't forget to ask specific questions about experience and knowledge of technology during the interview.

Cooperation with projects of different categories and work in big companies are great. Besides this, do not be shy to find out what specific tasks the programmer performed in the previous position and what he/she was responsible for. Also, be sure to ask about those things that a good coder must know. 

For example, you may think that the difference between virtual and real DOM is trivial. But the answer to it will tell you if the candidate understands the difference between some frameworks. Likewise, ask about code structure, request examples of source code formatting, and anything directly related to workflow.

What do front-end developers' salaries depend on?

The programmer's services price is affected by many factors, ranging from knowledge and experience to location. For example, in the United States, the average annual salary of such a specialist is almost $105,200. That does not even include the yearly bonus of another $2,500. 

Depending on expertise and state, salaries in the U.S. can be higher or lower. On average, junior devs make $58,000-78,000 annually. Meanwhile, senior programmers earn from $114,000. Few website and app owners can pay such sums to American coders regularly.

For this reason, startups, small and medium-sized businesses hire specialists from other countries for economic purposes. By comparison, in the UK, Germany, Canada, and Finland, seniors earn an average of $77,000-78,000 a year. In Australia and Switzerland, salaries for this category of coders can range from $127,000 to $140,000.

Besides remote positions and outsourcing, many firms use outstaffing to reduce costs. The advantage of the last model of cooperation is the transparency of the relationship between the companies. You only pay for work that has been done. Outstaffing is most beneficial when it is necessary to extend the team with a new developer quickly and not overpay the recruiter.

Are you looking for an experienced specialist for your company? Work with TFC! We have specialists with an excellent education. A solid technical background, curiosity, and great soft skills make our programmers perfect for different projects.

Want to hire front-end developer who knows front-end technologies and will fit in your team quickly? Start collaborating with us right now. Take advantage of our 7-day risk-free trial and see how good our experts are at what they do. Call our USA office +1 (212) 252-2165, email viktoria.buchenko@ava.codes or write us online chat for details.

FAQ: How to hire front-end developer with TFC?

Do you work with freelancers?

No, our company does not hire freelancers. Our team consists only of full-time specialists whose skills have been tested and confirmed. 

What questions to ask to evaluate hard and soft skills of an applicant?

The first step in screening out unsuitable candidates is to ask three simple questions:

  • What projects have you worked on before?
  • In what niches were those projects?
  • What technologies did you use?

The first will allow you to assess how good and challenging the products were. If the expert collaborated with a team engaged in an interesting development, that's a big plus. You can clarify the duties that the programmer performed in the previous position. 

Another benefit is if the person was working in the same field as yours. Different industries have their specific trends and characteristics so that a new employee can bring something new to the design of your site. 

The examples of questions listed above may seem very common and clichéd. But in reality, they will allow you to assess a programmer's soft skills. Did the candidate name a colleague during the answers or point out past mistakes they wouldn't have made now? It is a great sign! First, the specialist can appreciate teamwork. Second, they can evaluate and analyze past tasks.

How much does it cost to hire a junior developer in your company?

Our team includes only middle and senior developers. Since we do not have junior specialists in our company, you can expect excellent results and many technologies. To hire front-end developer at TFC, email us or give us a call.

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