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Social Curator

Create a social posts easily with our caption templates, stock photos, reel tutorials, story templates, and other resources that save time.

Instruments & Technologies

"I appreciated the level of comfort TFC made us feel. It was like being a part of a family.”
Jacob Berg, CTO at Social Curator
Tools and a proven system to enable you to find new customers online, amplify your inner confidence and build your dream business.
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Project Goal
The customer wanted to rebuild their WordPress dashboard as a React application in order to scale features more quickly.
Advertising, Marketing, Social Media
Company Size
2 - 10 peoples
Services we provided
Migration from WordPress to React
Performing an assessment for employees, analyzing data between all colleagues
Creating React application with data from Firebase backend system
What we use
Our development teams apply the latest, cutting-edge technologies, front-end, and back-end development tools.

Brief / Introduction

Social Curator is a US-based advertising company that helped over 21,000 small business owners develop their social media strategy, turn their followers into customers, save time, and grow their business by providing monthly social media resources + a community to hold you accountable.
Caption Templates
Get access to over 3000+ customizable caption templates to use as inspiration and foster engagement with audience.
Lifestyle Photos
Have access to a library containing thousands of stunning lifestyle photos, which is being updated all the time!
Draft Editor
Create a social media post in less than 5 minutes: Use the Draft Editor to fill in the blanks of one of our caption templates.
Story Sets
You receive access to a library of over 300 templates to empower you to show up every day and start real conversations with followers who’ll turn into customers.
Marketing Action Plan
Choose any plan to start with and you’ll organize your social media using the marketing strategies included!
Coaching & Community
Join monthly Group Coaching sessions with Jasmine Star, and your choice of additional masterclasses, guest contributors, and community networking and support.
What business tasks did the client want to solve?
The customer requested to scale their existing team with additional React developers in order to speed up their development process and reduce their time to market.

The goal was to reconstruct existing WordPress views into a standalone React application.
Challenges the customer faced
Social Curator used Firebase as a backend, so we needed to conduct research to ensure that the features we designed could scale appropriately.
Our project needs to expand the functionality, can we implement it?
We have a complex backend tech, most likely we will need help. Is there anyone in mind?
What “pitfalls” did the client face?
🔻 Lack of own development team;

🔻 Limited time to market;

🔻 Low speed of existing application, inability to scale the functionality;
Hi AVA.codes, I have a problem with my project. Can you help?
Sure, let’s take a call

Solutions & Working Approach

The customer was able to integrate our process into their existing tools and systems.We used Notion boards to track tasks, backlogs, and feature discussions.
Although our React developer's focus was on front-end code, his consultations and brainstorming sessions on the backend were essential to the customer.

He consistently came up with ideas to improve the process and made recommendations.

The decisive factor for Social Curator in choosing us

As our customer said, it was the level of comfort and feeling of being a fried AVA team provided
“From the first point of contact and consistently through the process I felt like they had my best interests in mind.

It was easy for me to trust the people that they set me up to work with. Whether it was a lead developer or architect, account manager, to management, everyone was a friend.

I appreciated the level of comfort AVA.codes made us feel. It was like being a part of a family.”
Jake Berg,
CTO at Social Curators

Outcome & Results

Social Curator was able to launch their new website with the flick of a switch 🖱
Okay, what we can do for this feature now...
Features were not just worked on, but they were brainstormed on that gave a really nice impact on the further business vision of the company.
Our levels of communication were always very strong so customers never missed any targets in terms of what we were hoping to accomplish with our team.
So the most important this was we met our customer’s expectations 💪🏻