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Skill Director

Large web-based solution for enterprise companies that need to perform skill assessments of their employees

Instruments & Technologies

"They are young, talented, and extremely smart developers."
Gilles Clément, Director & Product Engineering, SkillDirector
About company
SkillDirector enables a culture of lifelong learning helping you to upskill and reskill your organization at the speed of business.
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Project Goal
The customer goal was to build a custom and fully customizable front-end application with Angular.
E-Learning Providers
Company Size
2 - 10 peoples
Services we provided
Migration from ASP.NET MVC to Angular 8 SPA (the latest Angular 15 version is coming soon)
Create FE side project from scratch
Creating user side system
Performing an assessment for employees, analyzing data between all colleagues
Creating admin side CRUD system for BE DataBase Tables (for having fewer efforts when modifying DataBase data)
Generate Reports / Analytics data based on results from users
Improving existing BE side functionally, testing and reporting about bugs / issues inside (which exist even before the new FE project)
What we use
Our development teams apply the latest, cutting-edge technologies, front-end, and back-end development tools.

Brief / Introduction

SkillDirector is a company that offers competency-based learning services and a software platform that inspires a culture of lifelong learning, helping individuals and workforces to upskill and reskillat the speed of business.
Competency Models
Inspire people to be perpetually greatat their jobs
Competency Development System
Activate people’s drive to mastery by making competency models actionable
Competency-Based Learning
Connect skills to the personalized learning that most efficiently build them
Informal Learning
Provide modern learners with tools they want so they learn WHILE they work
Challenges the customer faced
The challenge was to get the application built under a relatively short time frame in order to meet commitments to customers like Linkedin, PPG, HoneywellOu, GE and more.
What “pitfalls” did the client face?
Lack of own development team;
Limited time to market;
Losing business because of the lackof capabilities (and scalability)of the old platform;
Strict commitments to the customers and risk of losing them.

Technologies & Solutions

We helped the customer to build a custom and fully customizable front-end application with Angular:
Our team continuously studied customers’ APIs and diligently identified API problems that needed to be resolved by the backend team in order to optimize front-end integration.

We helped customer backed team in identifying API issues that could have taken weeks and months for the backend team to find on their own.
Our developers often tried to make suggestions on models to facilitate the passing of data back and forth, test, and always make it a point to synchronize with the backend team to integrate the front end faster, with great attention to detail.
Before integrating pieces of functionality, we reviewed designs and tested all API endpoints needed. If we find API problems, we were trying to communicate well and fast, and be always available to jump on a call to synchronize with the customer and his backend team, to review, fix issues,or have live coding sessions.

Team & Capacities

The project started with 2 Front-end developers.
The customer had backend issues to sort out during the first 6 months, and we had to freeze front-end development twice in the span of 4-5 months to allow the backend team to sort out all API issues.
Our goal was to be flexible and allow customers to halt development
We did our best to keep our 2 assigned developers as flexible as possible so they could be reassigned to customer projects when backend issues were regulated.
The client fell behind in the project timeline due to backend issues.

We were able to quickly scale our front-end team from 2 to 6 Angular developers in less than 2 weeks.

New developers came on and dove into things rapidly as our goal was to hire developers that have the right skills and talent the customer needed to get things done well and efficiently.
AVA took on the cost to onboard new engineers onto customers’ projects with the help of 2 main developers from the customer team. The project was able to get back on track quickly.

We stayed with 6 developers for 6 months until all the grunt work was done, and scaled back down to 2.

Technologies & Solutions

Skill Director successfully launched a production Beta 3 months later, and all his customers were seamlessly migrated.
The effort eliminated 80% of the backlog bugs from the old platform, making way for a refreshed product roadmap that customers can now focus on. The timing couldn't have been more on point.
Skill Director met his customer's expectationsin a really short period of time. Customers who had previously left them returned due to the renewed capabilities and scalability of their application.