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We are focusing only on front-end technologies: Angular, React, Node.js, React Native.

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How to hire HTML/CSS developer with excellent skills and background?

For your project or product to work, you need to form a team of good professionals. Easier said than done. Regardless of your age, experience, or industry, the process of finding and hiring the right person becomes the most formidable challenge. Don't want to wander through a desert of candidates, freelancers, and recruiters aimlessly? Then it would be best if you read this guide, how to hire HTML/CSS developer.

In this guidance, we'll briefly cover what the models for working with coders are, what steps an employer should take, and the five signs of an unsuitable applicant. Surely, you are already familiar with the basics of HTML and CSS or are involved in the field of IT. Nevertheless, just in case, we will repeat some main points.

What are HTML and CSS: some history and facts

HTML, for short, is not a programming language, as some people think. In reality, this technology is a language of hypertext markup of web pages, and without it, you cannot make a single change to your site. To put it simply, with this technology (HyperText Markup Language), you create a framework for the page and the website as a whole. 

With the help of tags, programmer can prescribe:

  • blocks;
  • paragraphs;
  • tables;

The first available description of HyperText Markup Language appeared in late 1991. However, the technology itself was started by Timothy John Berners-Lee in 1986. The official «birth year» of this solution was 1993, when the first publication of the technology appeared.

  • links;
  • headlines;
  • color changing and much more.

So, why do we need CSS? Cascading Style Sheets gives documents a design and helps the web page interact with the browser directly. People use different devices, screen diagonals, and browsers to load sites. CSS helps to adapt your project to other settings.

Based on all the above, Cascading Style Sheets is the style sheet language for HTML documents. Without this web technology, no site can adequately exist. Because HyperText Markup Language creates the framework for the project, and a CSS developer connects the style and allows you to display the product nicely on any device.

You need an HTML/CSS developer to make your web resource look great for the user no matter what device. Experts with knowledge of these technologies help you develop an adaptive layout and improve the visual experience of your product for your visitors.

Ways you can hire HTML/CSS developer?

The world of today is a paradise for companies of all sizes. Just 15-20 years ago, firms could only hire a great specialist in-house. If suddenly a person with the necessary skills wasn't around, companies would persuade them to move to another city, state, or country. 

Now things are more straightforward. You can find an employee in several ways, focusing on the needs of your business and budget. Our first piece of advice – decide on what model you want to work with a programmer and think about the pros and cons. 

Options for cooperation with web developers:

  • in-house: you find a person with the right qualifications in your city for full- or part-time jobs. This way, you can discuss the details of the site, changes, and project development strategy at any time. You will have to find a recruiting agency, however, and pay them a huge percentage (at least 10-15% of the annual salary of the employee);
  • remote: this is the best option for those who cannot work from the office because of the pandemic. You can find a developer in your city, another state, or even on a different continent. Most often, you will have to get help from recruiters for such cases, too;
  • outsourcing and outstaffing: outsourcing and outstaffing – third-party partners can assist you in finding a suitable specialist anywhere in the world, taking care of recruiting and technical expert screening issues. You can find a professional onshore (in your country), nearshore (in neighboring countries or on your continent), or offshore (far from your location). When you hire HTML/CSS develop, you get a genuinely qualified candidate with the right set of skills, you save money, and do not have to pay recruiters;
  • freelance: with this cooperation model, you can publish a project on any of the sites like Upwork, Toptal, or Arc and then select a person from the list of responders. Your company doesn't have to think about recruiter fees, taxes, or other documentation, and it's also usually pretty inexpensive. However, freelancers often don't have the focus because they're doing several projects at once.

It is up to you to decide which of these is best for your firm or project.

Step-by-step instructions on how to hire HTML/CSS developer

  1. Choose the duration of the collaboration – this is one factor that affects the specialists' cost. Quite often, long-term cooperation turns out to be more reasonable than a short-term job. It is not worth hiring a worker when you need to carry out a small task. A freelancer can easily handle it. On the other hand, it makes sense to hire a remote or outstaffing specialist who will support the product on an ongoing basis for some projects. When you have several businesses, then the in-house specialists should be involved.
  2. Create a detailed and precise description of your product, prepare technical and non-technical documentation – so applicants can more precisely determine whether they can cope with the task and what direction they will have to work in. Also, a detailed job specification and an introduction to the website will allow the coder to evaluate whether the hourly rate is commensurate with their experience and skills.
  3. Decide on the budget and payment (hourly or fixed) – this slightly overlaps with the previous points. It would be best if you calculated beforehand how much you are ready to spend and how much will be left to develop the product further. Once you make an accurate calculation, you can filter out applicants who are not suitable for you (too high or low salary). Typically, the cost of a particular programmer affects three things – the amount of work, experience, and the model of cooperation.

Cascading Style Sheets was introduced in December 1996. So far, there are three specifications of this language, but since 2011 a 4th one is being developed.

  1. Communication and English proficiency – sometimes differences in culture and mentality can disrupt a balanced work pattern. For this reason, look for people with whom you feel comfortable communicating and discussing work-related aspects. Excellent knowledge of English will be a plus. Unfortunately, even native speakers cannot always express their thoughts clearly, pay attention to the communication manner of the developer.
  2. Set clear goals and expectations – when you have a point-by-point picture of what needs to be accomplished, it will be easier to evaluate the employee's effectiveness. Forget blurred statements, unclear timeframes for implementing the task, and so on. You need to know exactly where you want to lead your team, what the experts need to fulfill, and in what period.
  3. Interview candidates well – focus not only on hard skills, but also on soft skills. Always ask about the best and worst projects the person has worked on. Also, please pay attention to whether they acknowledge the efforts of other team members, what things they would like to do better, and what they are striving for.
  4. Take advantage of a risk-free trial – CV and years of experience are great. To avoid miscalculating your choice, ask the applicant to do a test task or run a trial period. It will allow you to assess the person's savvy and knowledge and assess the comfort of working with them on specific tasks. Also, before deciding whether to hire HTML/CSS developer, check reviews from other employers and clients.

Five signs that you should not hire a specialist

If, even after the instructions above, you still have doubts about whether you should employ a coder or not, do not give up. There are several other ways to find out how qualified a person is and how they will do the job.

You shouldn't hire HTML/CSS developer when:

  • a pro does not format the code – perhaps for someone, careless code is not a problem. A truly passionate professional always cares about the accuracy of the work done and the neatness of the job. Give preference to those who have the same formatting style for source code;
  • expert code has no flexibility – some people know how to write code, create good templates and repeat them from project to project, changing some elements. However, if you suddenly swap the structure in such source code, the whole architecture is ruined. It is essential to find someone whose code will go on even after some items are switched;

Five versions of HyperText Markup Language have been released so far.

  • a developer takes on the function of a designer – there are occasions when programmers themselves can make layouts for projects. However, these are rare cases. For learning technologies and trends in web development, a rock star developer spends all his spare time. If a person assures that they are an excellent designer and coder, most likely this is not true;
  • a programmer is sure of knowing everything and does not consult colleagues – a great product is the result of teamwork. To show top class in work, a coder will have to interact with other people, ask them for some details, discuss ideas, and learn new things;
  • an employee has poor self-management skills – it doesn't matter how great the person makes the source code if they have to be controlled at every step. It slows down the development of your product and leads to nothing good.

In lieu of a conclusion

Follow these simple tips, and you can find the specialist who becomes a valuable member of your team. If you cannot choose a good coder by yourself, you can contact AVA.codes. You will be able to hire HTML/CSS developer with niche experience in several fields with us. Book a call with our Managing Partner, write to viktoria.buchenko@ava.codes, or request a programmer on this page. Click the necessary button and fill in the fields of the pop-up form. We will contact you in the shortest time and will give you all the details.

FAQ: How to hire HTML/CSS developer with AVA.codes?

Why is it important to hire a programmer who knows HTML and CSS?

These two technologies are inseparable. When you extend your team with a professional who is excellent at both, you get more value. You don't have to look for two experts and overpay.

What is the minimum amount of work I can order from your company?

For all new customers, the minimum amount of programmer's work is 50 hours per month. 

What is the advantage of AVA.codes, and why should I work with you?

The main benefit of AVA.codes is people. We have developers with excellent technical backgrounds, niche experience, and curiosity. These devs not only write great code, they deeply get involved in the project and industry they work in. 

They do not stop their professional growth and constantly learn new technologies. It allows our team to keep up with trends and use improved solutions for specific products. But with all this, we do not forget to live, be interested in the world around us and enjoy the process of web development.

If you are unsure whether you should hire HTML/CSS developer from AVA.codes, try our 7-day free trial. See for yourself how good we are and how passionate we are about web development! Chat with us or click the Request risk-free trial button.

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